Privacy Policy

All rules set forth in the STHN Website Privacy Policy apply to its website. Before using our website, make sure that you are aware of our Terms and Conditions. If there is any change to our Privacy Policy, we will inform you.

Methods of collecting and using data

When you use our website, we will send one or more cookies to your computer or mobile phone. We use these cookies to improve the quality of our service, determine your location, the content of your search and what you prioritize. We need this information to serve you relentlessly.

Personal Information
You may be required to provide your name, personal information and e-mail ID when you attempt to send comments, signups, and articles on our website. We will analyze your personal and health information later to maintain the quality of the service. We will inform you of any changes to our Services and Privacy Policy. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any other person or organization without your permission.

Other information
The other information we collect in order to operate our service is that of the content of your search, Internet Protocol address, browser type and language and the time and date of using the website.

Website is a means of communicating with users

When you contact us by e-mail or otherwise, we will store certain information so that we can provide the right service for your needs later. Your e-mail ID may be used to inform us of our service.

Privacy and security

We will take all measures to ensure the privacy and security of the personal and health information you provide. You are in control of all the information you provide. But unfortunately sharing of information on the Internet is never completely safe. We may be hosting any other organization, data storage and any other kind of help to preserve all our information.

If you feel unsafe to let us know or if you think we are unable to protect the privacy of your information, please contact us immediately.

Policy for changing or removing data

If you would like to change your information stored on STHN’s system, please use the specific form provided on our website. Contact us if you would like to remove the information from our system. We always try to reply to your email within 5 hours, but it may not always be possible.